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Best tuner for Ford V10

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I’m Liam Brooks and in this article I’ll write about  best tuner for Ford v10 — 5 Star Tuning X-4. When I first installed the tune, the car wasn’t behind me, so of course those of who towed car, especially with a gas motorhome, you can tell a difference whenever you have the tow car on verse not having it on.

The RV literally felt like it was a whole new beast. Like, when I first got this motorhome, I could kinda of relate it to it felt like I was driving down the road in this old slow boat.

New feelings

Whenever I got this tune I really felt as though I had a V10 engine, I really felt as though it was performance engine. However there was a downside to that. The next I filled up the gas I realized that the gas mileage went down significantly and the reason for that, is I really started putting my foot into the gas. Whenever you get this tune it is a huge difference in driving. It’s a lot more fun to drive, but if you put your foot in to much then you’re gonna lose gas mileage.

AI in action

One more thing that is really cool is sometimes whenever I have cruise control at 55 and it starts to go up an incline, what I’ve noticed from time to time is start searching the solution on which rpm rate it should go.


It’s very easy to install. It comes with the data cable (OBD-II) that connects to the X-4 up top and the other side connects into your RV’s ECU. It literally plug-and-play.


So, if you are looking for something that helps with the downhills whenever you might get a little bit too much speed tone in a car, this is a huge safety asset for you.

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Author: Liam Brooks

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