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The Value of Fitting New Tyres Before Winter

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Having safe, high-performance tyres on your vehicle at all times is a must for any driver, especially when the winter sets in and you’re faced with more difficult road conditions.Your tyres are one of the most important parts of your vehicle, without them you’d get nowhere.But many Australian drivers forget to regularly check their tyres, putting themselves in unnecessary danger.

Booking a Pre-Winter Service

Road conditions during the winter are contrastingly different to the summer, depending on where you drive, you’ll encounter, icy roads, slippery surfaces and rain drenched terrains which are difficult to find grip on. Along with driving cautiously on these roads, it is important to have a vehicle which is well prepared for complex grounds that provide little grip.

The easiest way to prepare your vehicle for the winter conditions is to book a car service in Canberra or the surrounding area and have your tyres assess by professionals. If they think the treads are lacking, they’ll have your tyres replaced with high-quality wheels that will provide outstanding grip on uneven, unstable surfaces.

If you’ve already checked your tyres and they are still in good condition, you can still have them replaced with new ones just to ensure you are driving on perfect wheels during the winter. The set of tyres you’ve removed can easily be put back on when the summer comes back around.

Dangerous Tyres

Because tyres tend to wear down slowly, so many drivers forget that they need to be checked and replaced once the treads show signs of damage. Most people view them as a permanent fixture that don’t need to be fixed or replaced, only when they encounter a puncture.

But tyres with worn down treads can be very dangerous, they offer poor grip and stability, often causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles on sharp corners or difficult terrain. This dangerous increases 10-fold when driving during the winter, as a driver you can encounter all sorts of difficult conditions on the road.

  • Snow storms
  • Heavy rain
  • Fog
  • Slippery road surfaces including ice and rain
  • Loose gravel
  • Strong winds

All the above conditions require tyres which provide exceptional grip to help the driver deal with tricky road surfaces.

Importance of Treads

Most drivers don’t understand the function of treads on a tyre and many don’t understand its importance. Deep treads channels are absolutely essential when it comes to grip, especially in wet conditions. If your tyres are worn down and you’ve little or no tread on the rubber, the water can’t safely disperse off the tyre. This causes the water to get trapped between the tyre and the road, making driving extremely dangerous, this condition is known as aquaplaning.

Having safe tyres on your vehicle is essential all year round, but it is even more important during the winter when harsh weather conditions make navigating many roads difficult. Snow, ice and rain can make roads in Australia challenging to drive over, and without tyres with deep tread channels you’ve less grip on the surface, that’s why new tyres are so important before winter.

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