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Why Renault Kwid?

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For every human need, no matter how much is thrown at them, they always feel that there is something missing. However, a product that defies this feeling was launched by a popular company called Renault by the name of Kwid which offers features at a price range that makes the Renault Kwid price a term that could be only be imagined in dreams. At a price that does not even touch the three hundred thousand mark, this car is sure to find more takers with all the features that it carries alongside the trustworthy brand from where the product gets manufactured.

The reasons for buying this product

A lot has been going around explaining the brilliance of the car and rightly so but there are some specific places where it stands out.

  • Look – At Renault Kwid price, you would only expect a hatchback car with average features but you are totally wrong as you get a car that looks like a complete sports utility vehicle. With a strong look and a big body, there is no denying that the car stands out in its competition and gives you a happy feeling when you own it.
  • Space – The car is in the range of mini cars but the space inside the car makes it a primary choice for the consumers across the board. The wheelbase is comparatively lengthened, too, when pitching it against the cars of different companies offered at the same price. There is an armrest feature, too, apart from ease of sitting to all its passengers.
  • Clearance – Clearance is not just indicative of the fact that the car gets cleared out from the showrooms pretty quick but also the ground clearance of the car itself. The other cars have no match when they compete against this product on the basis of ground clearance as this is approximately twenty millimeters better.
  • Boot space – So far, the car was only pitched against its immediate rivals. This feature takes it a step further. At close to three hundred liters of boot space, the car is not only the best in its own segment but several others that would not even fall in its category thereby, explaining its might in the market.
  • Infotainment – The above features might have justified the car’s ranking in the market but there is more. There is a camera installed for the reverse parking facility that could be easily seen over the screen providing infotainment. The screen size is almost seven inches and helps you with finding routes to your destination alongside various other features.
  • AMT Dial – Adding the cherry on the top is this feature as the feature is the best amongst any of the other cars competing with this one. It can even help you during traffic jams.

The car, undoubtedly, feels like a dream because of so much at such a less price. Apart from being the best in its competition, it has the potential to even outclass some of the cars beyond its segment.


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